¿What is a fuel additive?

A fuel additive is a chemical compound added to fuel with the purpose of enhancing its quality, performance, and efficiency. These additives can serve various functions, such as cleaning and protecting fuel systems, improving lubrication, preventing corrosion, and reducing pollutant emissions. Their goal is to optimize combustion and engine operation, leading to improved vehicle performance and extended component lifespan.

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Can Aditivos Help with Engine Maintenance?

Yes, aditivos can contribute to better engine maintenance. These chemical compounds added to the fuel can clean and protect the internal systems of the engine, prevent deposit buildup, improve lubrication, and reduce corrosion. By keeping an engine cleaner and more efficient, aditivos can help extend the engine's lifespan and maintain its optimal performance over time.

These additives could be considered part of preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is a crucial strategy for technicians in the engine industry as it involves planned and regular actions to prevent issues and maintain optimal equipment performance. By applying this approach, technicians can anticipate and address potential failures before they become costly or disruptive problems. In the case of engines, the use of additives in fuels is an example of preventive maintenance as it helps prevent deposit buildup, improves lubrication, and reduces emissions. This not only extends the engine's lifespan but also ensures optimal performance and increased fuel efficiency. Ultimately, preventive maintenance benefits equipment reliability while optimizing technicians' time and resources by minimizing issues and reducing unplanned downtime.

Experience Matters: Experts in action for decades

Hammonds Fuel Additives, Inc. is a prominent innovative manufacturer in the fuel additives and biocides industry, serving some of the largest fuel users and industries worldwide. Our flagship product, Biobor®JF, stands out as one of the most reliable and widely used fuel additives and biocides, designed to prevent microbial growth and preserve fuel quality. With over 56 years of proven reliability in aviation, refineries, terminals, fleets, and end-users of diesel, we have an extensive list of OEM approvals and continuous effective use. At Hammonds, we also offer a complete line of additives for diesel, gasoline, and aviation fuels, meeting all your fuel quality needs and ensuring that your equipment, vehicles, engines, and facilities operate with maximum efficiency thanks to the highest quality additives. Trust in Hammonds' expertise and excellence to keep your operations running optimally.

Do additives improve engine performance?

Yes, additives have the potential to significantly enhance engine performance. These chemical formulations are designed to enhance various properties of fuels and lubricants. Through their application, it's possible to achieve a positive impact on engine performance. Clear examples of how additives can positively influence engine performance are presented below, including optimizing combustion efficiency, reducing internal friction, improving gasoline octane rating, decreasing engine noise, protecting against premature wear, and reducing pollutant emissions.

The use of additives simplifies engine maintenance by reducing the need for intensive cleanings and maintenance. This can save both the technician and the vehicle owner time and money.

From additives specifically designed for aviation, ensuring excellence in aircraft engines, to additives for diesel and gasoline that enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact, their impact is undeniable. Additives in diesel directly contribute to improvements in combustion and efficiency, resulting in significant savings. Additionally, in the realm of oil and gas, additives play an essential role in extraction, refinement, and utilization of these resources.

Recommended top-quality fuel additives

Since 1965, at Hammonds Fuel Additives, we take pride in having earned a long list of recommendations and approvals from major users of diesel engines, turbine engines, aircraft structures, and fuels worldwide. Our flagship product, Biobor®JF, is specifically mentioned in numerous operation manuals as the reliable solution to fuel contamination issues. Moreover, it's the ONLY biocide available and approved for use in aviation fuel. With a proven track record, the full line of Biobor® products continues to provide confidence and top-tier performance. When seeking a fuel additive, don't settle for mere words. Trust in our products proven and endorsed by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. Discover how our additives have been tested in real-world conditions, even at 30,000 feet altitude, ensuring optimal performance for your needs.

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Do you take care of your fuel tank?

Research has revealed that over 75% of analyzed tanks show contamination and contain fuel that does not meet current engine specifications. Proper sampling and comprehensive fuel analysis are crucial to accurately determine the content of your tank. The process can be summarized in three key steps: Test, Treat, and Protect. These simple and effective measures will ensure optimal engine performance and the protection of your fuel system.

Microbial growth and biomass are the main causes of engine problems, motor failures, fuel filter clogs, and fuel tank contamination in diesel and aviation kerosene. Refined fuels nowadays create a highly conducive environment for microbial growth, leading to significant damage in engine and fuel systems. The water content in the fuel is a contributing factor, as even small amounts are sufficient to sustain microbial life. Additionally, biofuels tend to be more susceptible to water. For instance, biodiesel is 85% more soluble in water than conventional diesel fuel, further exacerbating the issue.

¿Why TREAT the fuel?

The only way to effectively eliminate microbial growth or remediate degraded fuel is by treating the fuel with a quality additive. For over 56 years, Biobor JF has been the most reliable and widely used biocide worldwide. It is important to note that cleaning the fuel and tank alone will not be sufficient to eliminate microorganisms or remediate degraded fuel. To effectively address these issues, it is crucial to rely on an additive such as Biobor JF.

Whether you are operating a recreational vehicle, a marine vessel, an aircraft, or a million-gallon storage facility, it is absolutely crucial to consistently and properly use a biocide to prevent microbial issues. Biobor JF provides a highly effective 'shock' dose to eliminate existing growth of bacteria and fungi when problems arise or there are clear signs of contamination. By regularly using Biobor JF at the 'maintenance' dose, you can avoid and maintain a sterile fuel system, protect the fuel system, prolong the lifespan of your equipment, and reduce associated liability. Biobor additives will effectively remediate and enhance the fuel.

¿Do you want to PROTECT your investment?

The use of contaminated fuel results in higher maintenance costs. If you don't have a fuel quality management program in place, you're likely already experiencing some of the major warning signs, which include:

  • Premature filter replacements

  • Corroded filters

  • Fuel system failures

  • Corrosion influenced by microorganisms

  • System leaks

  • Low engine efficiency

  • Line and tank failures

  • Accelerated fuel aging

  • Premature injector failures

  • Engine failures

  • Increased emissions

Inspect and TEST the fuel using the Hum-Bug or FUELSTAT detection kit.

  1. Identify and remove free water immediately.
  2. Visually inspect the fuel: if it looks bad, it is bad.
  3. Conduct microbial growth tests using Hum-Bug or FUELSTAT.
  4. Look for corrosion, another sign of microbial contamination. If present, treat the fuel.

Clean, remediate, and TREAT your fuel with Biobor products.

  1. Identify and treat the presence of microbes, corrosion, or aged fuel effectively.
  2. Protect your fuel and eliminate microbial contamination with Biobor JF.
  3. Improve the quality and operability of the fuel with Biobor fuel additives.

Monitor, maintain, and PROTECT your fuel with Biobor products.

  1. Conduct regular fuel sampling and testing to identify changes in its quality.
  2. Protect and maintain your fuel cleanliness by treating it with Biobor JF on a quarterly basis to reduce system corrosion.
  3. Optimize seasonal protection of your fuel by utilizing Biobor fuel additives.

Improve the quality and performance of your fuel with the best motor additives.

You are likely familiar with the renowned name Biobor®. Since its original development and formulation by U.S. Borax in 1965, Hammonds Fuel Additives, Inc. has been the owner and marketer of the well-known brand Biobor® JF for almost 30 years. This outstanding additive has been recommended by jet and diesel engine manufacturers in many operating manuals as the industry's preferred standard fuel additive for eliminating microorganisms that form in fuel tanks (known as HUM Bugs) using hydrocarbons.

Other Biobor Additives

Biobor MD: el acondicionador de combustible ideal para vehículos. Mejora rendimiento, lubricidad y reduce vertido en frío. Potencia, ahorro y eco-amigable.

What is Biobor MD?

Biobor MD (Marine Diesel) is an innovative fuel conditioner designed for road vehicles. It improves fuel performance, increases lubricity, and reduces the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Biobor MD increases the cetane level for easier cold starts and cleans the entire system of sludge. By regularly treating the fuel with Biobor MD, you can enjoy increased available power, higher torque, and improved fuel economy while reducing soot emissions and carbon buildup by up to 94%.

Remove Ethanol with: Biobor EB

Hammonds also offers Biobor EB (Ethanol Buster), a product designed to counteract the harmful effects of ethanol in gasoline and improve engine efficiency. Ethanol is highly corrosive and can damage an engine if it is not properly mixed with gasoline. Over time, ethanol tends to separate from gasoline in the tank, but Biobor EB prevents this phase separation, cleans the engine, disperses sediment, and stabilizes gasoline for storage. Biobor® fuel additives are widely distributed nationwide by West Marine and other recognized marine distributors.

Biobor EB: protección contra los efectos del etanol en la gasolina. Mejora la eficiencia del motor y evita problemas de corrosión. Aditivos de combustible confiables y ampliamente distribuidos a nivel nacional.

Our additive boosts octane and enhances engine performance.

We have different brands of additives to enhance engine efficiency

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