Biobor JF Aviation Additive

The ONLY aviation fuel biocide

  • Kills and prevents microbial growth in aviation fuels
  • Dual-phase: separates into water and fuel to effectively kill
  • Prevents microbial corrosion and filter clogging
  • APPROVED for aviation use (OEM for turbines and airframes, FAA and IATA)
  • Widely used by airlines, military aircraft, and private planes since 1965

Product Description

Biobor® JF was specially formulated and introduced in 1965 to combat and eliminate microorganisms that utilize hydrocarbons (Hum Bugs) in all fuel-powered aircraft and avgas. Jet engines, turboprops, and alternative engines, as well as aircraft manufacturers worldwide, have come to recommend this outstanding additive in their operation and maintenance manuals. Biobor® JF is used by airlines, general aviation operators, and military organizations worldwide and is accepted for use by the FAA and IATA. Biobor JF is effective in both the fuel and water phases of all fuels, non-corrosive, and safe for both operational personnel and the environment. Biobor JF is the original, most recognized, and accredited aviation fuel biocide in the world.

Biobor JF Aviation: aditivo aprobado por FAA e IATA que mata y previene el crecimiento microbiano en combustibles de aviación. Fácil de usar y seguro para todos los sistemas de combustible. Protege tu avión y evita reparaciones costosas.

Biobor JF Aviation Resources (PDF)

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Specification Sheets (EN)

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Why use Biobor JF Aviation?

Biobor JF has been the worldwide standard for treating microbial growth in aviation fuel for over 50 years. Originally developed for use in the commercial and military aviation industries, Biobor JF has continued to provide a proven track record of reliability and effectiveness across numerous industries. Adding to this impressive pedigree, Biobor JF is the only aviation fuel biocide recommended by name by numerous major turbine engine and airframe manufacturers worldwide.

The ONLY fuel biocide available for aviation:

There have only been two approved biocides in the history of aviation fuels. Now, only Biobor JF® is available. After several airworthiness incidents caused by the other previously approved biocide, which was permanently withdrawn from the market, Biobor JF® is the only fuel biocide available worldwide.

The obvious choice for eliminating microbial growth:

When discussing issues related to aviation fuel, it is widely known that microbial growth is the most common cause of fuel-related engine failures. Inherently, aviation fuel and fuel tanks have a tendency to accumulate water, either through tank condensation, fuel supply entrained water, or simply by receiving a batch of faulty fuel. Hum-bugs live in the water phase of a fuel tank and feed on the fuel, developing dark, viscous, gelatinous mats. As these colonies of bacteria and fungi grow (potentially doubling every 20 minutes), they can quickly clog fuel filters and cause excessive buildup of growth. Additionally, their waste products are a major cause of corrosion in fuel tanks and metallic components. With continued use of Biobor JF, microbial growth in the fuel system will be eliminated, resulting in a sterile fuel system, extending the life of fuel filters, and preventing corrosion issues.