What is gasoline?

Gasoline is a type of liquid fuel used in internal combustion engines, especially in motor vehicles. It is obtained through the refining of crude oil and is used as a source of energy to power gasoline engines in automobiles, motorcycles, and other equipment. Gasoline is characterized by its high volatility and its ability to generate energy through combustion in engines, producing movement and power.

What does gasoline additive do?

Gasoline additives interact with the vehicle's injection system, purifying the engine components and preventing sediment buildup. This prevents the engine from exerting unnecessary efforts that consume more fuel. In summary, gasoline additives enhance combustion efficiency and contribute to cleaner vehicle emissions, offering a small contribution to environmental preservation.

Why use our top-quality gasoline additives?

In summary, the gasoline purchased at gas stations nowadays can be harmful to engines. Ethanol blends can cause damage to hoses and seals, lead to the formation of holes in pistons, and even result in total engine failure due to the presence of water and ethanol. Furthermore, current blends of 10% are expected to increase to 15% in the near future. This situation threatens to void manufacturers' warranties and leaves many older equipment without suitable fuel options. To avoid these issues, rely on Biobor EB, a product that levels the playing field and protects your equipment from potential disasters. Biobor EB is the trusted solution for all gasoline-powered vehicles.

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