Biobor Hum-Bug Detector Kit

Microbial Detection Kit

  • Ensures the quality of fuel supply
  • Eliminates costly repairs and downtime
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Early warning detection of microbial infestation in fuel
  • Detects microbial contamination in all fuels and hydrocarbon oils

Product Description

The Hum-Bug Detector Kit is a low-cost, easy-to-use early warning system that effectively identifies microbial contamination in fuels and hydrocarbon oils. These microorganisms can cause fungal growth and pose serious risks. By using the Hum-Bug detector kit alongside a fuel quality control program, you can detect microbial contamination in its early stages. This helps prevent fuel supply issues by eliminating the presence of these microbes. Discover how the Hum-Bug detector kit, along with the Biobor JF biocide, can protect your fuel supply from contamination.

Hum-Bug Detector Kit: ¡Advertencia temprana! Detecta el crecimiento microbiano en el combustible de aviación

Hum-Bug Detector Kit Resources (PDF)

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(Safety Data Sheet)

Biobor Hum-Bug Detector Kit SDS - Safety Data Sheet PDF

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Specification Sheets (EN)

Biobor Hum-Bug Detector Kit - Specification Sheets PDF

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