Since 1965, BIOBOR products have been leaders in the aviation industry, providing effective solutions against microbial growth in aviation fuels and ground support equipment. Biobor JF stands out as the most recognized fuel biocide worldwide. Our Biobor additives protect and enhance the performance of all diesel and gasoline-powered equipment used in the aviation industry. Trust BIOBOR to ensure optimal and safe operation of your aircraft and ground support equipment.

¿Why use our aviation products?

Very few products can boast of being the first and the original. In the early days of commercial jet aviation, airlines and aircraft manufacturers encountered a serious problem: the growth of microorganisms in fuel. This growth not only clogged fuel lines and filters, but also caused corrosion that endangered the structural integrity of aircraft. In collaboration with U.S. Borax and SOHIO, scientists and engineers developed the first biocide specifically designed for the aviation environment: Biobor JF®. Throughout the history of aviation fuels, only two biocides have been approved. Currently, Biobor JF® is the only fuel biocide available worldwide, as the other previously approved biocide, responsible for several safety incidents, has been permanently withdrawn from the market.

Since its launch in 1965, Biobor JF® has established its reputation as the preferred biocide in the aviation industry. However, its influence is not limited to aviation, as it has also dominated other sectors such as the maritime industry, backup power generators, agriculture, and construction equipment. Throughout all these years, Biobor JF® has proven to be the undisputed leader in the protection of fuel and hydrocarbon lubricants. As the first of its kind, Biobor JF® remains the preferred choice and the industry benchmark.

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Biobor JF® The only biocide available for use in aviation.