What is Diesel?

Diesel is a type of fuel used in diesel engines, which are common in transport vehicles and machinery. It is a fossil fuel derived from crude oil and is characterized by its high energy density and fuel efficiency. Diesel engines operate by compressing air in the cylinder, which ignites the diesel fuel without the need for a spark as in gasoline engines. This makes diesel engines more efficient in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to gasoline engines.

What does diesel additive do?

The diesel fuel additive, also known as gas oil, provides multiple benefits, including preventing microbial growth and water separation in the fuel, enhancing engine stability and performance, reducing deposits, and extending the shelf life of stored fuel. Additionally, it contributes to minimizing environmental impact and maintaining efficient vehicle operation.

Why use our top-quality diesel additives?

Two important changes in modern diesel fuel make a significant difference in the reliability and long-term lifespan of your diesel engine. Firstly, the process used to remove sulfur from diesel fuel eliminates lubricity, which affects the lifespan of all moving parts in your diesel fuel delivery system. Fuel that historically had no microbial problems now requires constant treatment to prevent the formation of microbial-induced sludge caused by organisms utilizing hydrocarbons. Insect waste is highly acidic and can corrode fuel tanks, lines, and fuel measurement systems in engines. To make matters worse, the addition of biodiesel, also derived from living organisms, has exacerbated the insect problem. Treating all your fuel with Biobor JF will help eliminate these microbial issues while providing additional lubrication to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommendations. Biobor has been the global standard for treating all types of fuels, including gasoline fuel additives, petroleum additives, fuel anti-bacterial agents, sludge removal, water removal in fuel, fuel stabilizers, water detection in fuel, quick tests for bacteria and water in fuel, biocides, stabilizers, and water corrosion.

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