Biobor ColdFlo with Lubribor

Diesel Fuel Antifreeze and De-Icer with Lubricity

  • Inhibits wax crystal growth
  • Reduces cold filter plugging
  • Lowers diesel fuel's pour point
  • Prevents ice blockages and formation in the fuel filter
  • Adds lubricity
  • Reduces injector and fuel system wear
  • Meets ULSD requirements

Product Description

Biobor ColdFlo with Lubribor: Concentrated additive for diesel fuel in cold climates. Superior protection and performance. Reduces pour point and cold filter plugging. Prevents ice formation and lubricates injectors and pumps. Improves diesel fluidity at low temperatures and enhances ULSD lubricity. Ideal for low-sulfur diesel and heating oils. Widely used in trucks, agricultural machinery, locomotives, and industrial equipment. Discover the benefits of Biobor ColdFlo with Lubribor!

Biobor ColdFlo With Lubribor: Combustible diesel anti-gel, descongelante y lubricante

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(Safety Data Sheet)

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Specification Sheets (EN)

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