Biobor DC Plus + Cetane

Diesel Conditioner and Performance Additive

  • Cleans injectors and prevents deposits
  • Prolongs the lifespan of the fuel filter
  • Controls water and prevents corrosion
  • Improves efficiency and restores energy
  • Lubricates injectors and fuel pumps
  • Prevents fuel degradation and gumming
  • Increases storage stability

Product Description

Optimize the stability, operability, and performance of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel with Biobor DC Plus + Cetane. This multifunctional fuel conditioner is specially designed for warm climates, offering a complete solution to enhance the operation of your diesel engine. The components of Biobor DC Plus + Cetane provide exceptional fuel stability, improve lubricity and detergency, and control water and corrosion. Through continuous use, this treatment enhances performance and extends the lifespan of diesel fuel while protecting and cleaning vital engine components. Enjoy significant fuel savings and emissions reduction, thanks to the properties of Biobor DC Plus + Cetane. This product is particularly cost-effective for large users, as it provides comprehensive protection even at higher treatment concentrations.

Biobor DC Plus+: Acondicionador diésel y aditivo de rendimiento con aumento de cetano

Biobor DC + Cetane Resources (PDF)

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(Safety Data Sheet)

Biobor DC Plus + Cetane SDS - Safety Data Sheet PDF

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Specification Sheets (EN)

Biobor DC Plus + Cetane Specification Sheets PDF

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