Biobor JF Diesel Additive

Fuel Biocide and Lubricity Additive

  • Kills fungi and bacteria in all types of fuel
  • Helps prevent filter clogging and corrosion
  • Disperses and prevents sludge formation
  • Adds lubricity for added protection
  • Kills in both water and fuel phases
  • Recommended by equipment manufacturers
  • Reduces injector and engine wear
  • Approved for military use (MIL-S53021A)

Product Description

Biobor JF is the most widely used and highly recommended fuel biocide and lubricity additive. Endorsed by renowned engine manufacturers, Biobor JF is the reliable solution to eliminate and prevent microbial growth in fuel, while significantly extending the life of engine filters. Additionally, Biobor JF restores lubricity to ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel, providing extra protection to injectors and fuel pumps while preventing corrosion. Trust Biobor JF to ensure the longevity of your engine and the quality of your fuel. Since 1965, Biobor JF has set the global standard in its category.

Biobor JF: un biocida y aditivo lubricante de categoría mundial. Mejora la calidad y el rendimiento de los combustibles al establecer un estándar global. Descubre cómo Biobor JF está revolucionando la industria y maximizando el rendimiento de los combustibles

Biobor JF Resources (PDF)

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(Safety Data Sheet)

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Specification Sheets (EN)

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